Top 5 Massages

bali spa campaign

nusa dua massage room

Shady outdoor massage room at Sekar Jagat Spa Nusa Dua

1 | Bali Massage

We show you what a real Balinese Massage feels like.

All movements of a classic Balinese Body Massage use the fingers and palm of the hand with movement variations such as press point, palm pressure, sliding, long exploration, short exploration, kneading, circling and folding.

Bali massage is to cover and idealize tired and aching muscles and is mostly used for prevention, such as relaxation, body indulgence and anti-stress. The massage is firm and skillful carried out. Simply tell your therapist if you want soft, medium or strong massage.

As in all our treatments the oil used is of very good quality. For Balinese massage we normally use coconut oil or soya bean oil mixed with essential oil of frangipani or jasmine.

1.5hr / US$70 | 2hrs / US$90
Spa Campaign: 1.5hr / US$35 | 2hrs / US$45
Price incl tax and transportation, no additional cost


2 | Anti Jet Lag Massage

(60min Bali massage + 30min neck-shoulder massage)
Helps your body to recover from stress of flight and time difference. You’ll feel definitely much better and get a perfect start in your holiday.

60min Balinese Body Massage
30min Neck & Shoulder Massage

1.5hr / US$70 | 2hrs / US$90
Internet Rate: 1.5hr / US$45 | 2hrs / US$55

3 | Balinese Abhyanga Massage

Abhyanga massage uses less pressure than Balinese massage, and the oil used for contains sesame as carrier. It softens and moisturizes the skin, decreases the effects of aging, supports good vision, nourishes the body, increases longevity and increases self-awareness of areas of tension by enhancing the mind/body connection.
1.5hr / US$80
Internet Rate: 1.5hr / US$70

4 | Indian Head & Shoulder Massage

1.5hr / US$70
Internet Rate: 1hr / US$50

5 | Balinese Dry Massage

(if you don’t like oil)
1.5hr / US$70 | 2hrs / US$90
Internet Rate: 1.5hr / US$45 | 2hrs / US$55


Nusa Dua massage

Massage in Nusa Dua at Sekar Jagat Spa

Massage Package 3hrs/US$90
Couple Massage, from 4hrs/US$97.50 per person